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Before working with Ms. Bell, I had little structure and with raising twin boys. Therefore, I definitely needed a little guidance, so that my days can flow. After working with Ms. Bell and her observing the areas that I needed help in, she was able to help me plan out my days and give me advice and resources that now helped me better care for myself and my twins boys. I would be extremely exhausted from caring for twins and working full time. After carefully organizing and planning my week out with Ms. Bell, I was able to incorporate time for myself, which before I thought was nearly impossible. Thanks to Ms. Bell, I now know how important self care is and I now make sure, I incorporate self care in my daily life. Ms. Bell has helped me tremendously with creating a weekly schedule, so that I am not so drained at the end of the day. I am feeling more relax and I have more energy to play with my boys. From my personal encounters with Ms. Bell, she is a unique individual and someone I look up to and get advice from. Ms. Bell is a determined individual that is motivated like no other when she has a goal to accomplish. I can honestly say there may not be too many people in the world that would be able to walk in her shoes and still be successful. 


Renee Dowell,

Social Worker


Now I know most of you can agree that the pandemic has really heightened the need for stress management.  Working as an instructional support specialist with two girls in diapers and hosting zoom sessions for students with special needs was not easy at all prior to working with Ms. Bell. Having conversations with Ms. Bell was therapeutic for me. She put my goals into perspective, and this gave me LIFE! Through working with Ms. Bell, I am now more focused and less of a procrastinator. I never showed myself enough attention before I started working with her. Now, I am more in tune with practicing self-care and positivity. Ms. Bell is very passionate about helping other women win and a strong believer that you can bounce back literally from anything. Her words of encouragement helped my life evolve and transform into a healthier lifestyle. Her work is so empowering, and it has motivated me to want to help others.  You won’t be disappointed with her services. Happy Coaching 😊

Thomiesha Finley,

M.A Grad Student/ Educator

Prior to working with Ms. Bell, I was struggling with self- care, and trying to accomplish my goals as a mother with two children. Ms. Bell helped me with accomplishing my goals and creating a healthy self-care schedule. She motivated me to start my own business after working for the European wax center for five years. Now, I am my own boss and doing what I love to do because Ms. Bell was my accountability and motivational partner. She goes beyond and above to help her clients get from one goal to the next. Ms. Bell’s tools are extremely effective. Now, I have a daily schedule routine with self-care and self-love activities to help me reduce my stress level. In addition, as a mother and business owner, I also struggle with anxiety and poor boundaries. Since working with Ms. Bell, I have learned to control my anxiety with her self-care activities and using her book. And now, I have healthy boundaries with my family and friends. I strongly recommend mothers who are struggling with self-care or self-love work with Ms. Bell, especially, if you want to accomplish your dreams in life.

Celita Davis,
Cosmetologist/ Entrepreneur


In working with Ms. Barbara Bell and utilizing her 30 day affirmation journal, it has helped me grow more calm and mindful.  I am a wife, mother to an active toddler and mental health professional that must meet the high demands and needs of my clients.  In 2020, I found myself in a constant state of overwhelm, stress and anxiety.  Taking time each day to reflect on the affirmation journal entries helped to provide some time for peace, calm and mindfulness each day.  This helped to reduce my overall stress and also helped me to keep the good things in life in prospective.  Ms. Bell is a powerful mother and life coach and I thank her for her support!


Tiffany Royal

Mental Health Professional

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