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My Healing Journey

This is the beginning of my blog series that focuses on self-love healing journey for millennial mothers.

This is my introduction to my self-love/ healing journey. Three decades of trauma. Neglect and Abandonment goes hand and hand. Childhood trauma Childhood issues Childhood family problems Fatherless issues Fast forward, 10 years of healing. I started my healing process at 22 years old when I was introduced to psychotherapy. Therapy at times was effective, and therapy at times didn’t feel as effective. Sometimes, I feel like it was a waste of time, energy and money. LOL Moving forward, I’m 32 years old, approaching 33 years old. Since I was 22 years old, I’ve met with about ten different therapist at different stages in my life, for different reasons. A combination of professionals from different walks of life, different genders and races. From Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW’s), Marriage Family Therapists (MFT’s) , Interns to Doctors of Philosophy (PHD’s). I actually like some of my former therapists. I remember one particular therapist. I remember going into therapy and walking into our first session like “Nope, I am not doing this today. I am so sorry, but you can not help me. Where are you from? Where were you raised? I am Black . I am African American. And, I grew up in all urban communities. Outside of that, I know for sure you can’t help me.” During my referral process and research, I am very clear and vocal that I strongly prefer a Black/ African American therapist. Even if they don’t identify with my struggle, at least they look like me. So I say all this to say: Yo girl, yo sis, yo sister friend. Been through a lot , and when I say a lot. ALOT with a Capital A.L.O.T. And it’s been a long journey of self-love and self-healing. The pain is real. And, I have to acknowledge that again. Pain is Real. My next blog, I will discuss pain in more details. Visit our website at and book a session with me today to start your self-care and self -love journey. And let’s accomplish all your goals and dreams together. Team work make the dream work. Sis, Continue to be D.O.P. E (Determined, Optimistic, Phenomenal, and Elegant) Your Sister, Ms. Barbara A. Bell, MSW Certified Life Coach/Author Coaching/Speaker/Trainer/Author D.O.P.E Millennial Mothers Founder

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